My name is Kris Coleman.  I am the Owner and craftswoman for Kayorcee Creations. Kayorcee Creations is a small company located in the heart of Ohio.  I take care and pride in what I deliver to you, my customer.  Every product I create, produce and deliver to you has been handmade with the best ingredients I can find.  Kayorcee Creations is a company that cares about health, beauty and the environment.  The products I create are a testament to that fact.  I believe that everyone is Naturally Beautiful and my company is one that caters to the natural side of beauty and skin care.

When I make our products, my first concern is how will my ingredients promote the health of my customers.  I search out ingredients that are natural and have a healthy benefit to the skin and hair.  I do not use parabens or formaldehyde in any of my recipes or formulas.  When you us my products, I want you to feel assured that you are using a safe product that will promote healthy skin.

I want all of my customers to feel like they have a personal connection to me and my company.  As a result, I extend myself to you, the customer, in ways that I feel you will gain in site on what it is I am creating and why I have created it for you.  Please visit my blog pages to get more information about my products, my ingredients, products you can make yourself in my DIY section, as well as an abundant of information that will educate and edify your cosmetic and soap choices.