Natural Additives for Natural Products

Have you ever picked up one of your products and read the list of ingredients?  This one exercise can be one of enlightenment, and, in some cases, one of confusion.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will try to address ingredients you might find in your natural products.  It will be impossible for me to address all the ingredients in commercial products that aren’t carrying the banner of being natural, so I will simply stay away from those items.

Natural additives are the cornerstone of  Kayorcee Creations’ natural products.   Kayorcee Creations uses natural additives in just about all of our natural products including our soaps, bath items and hair care products.  Now be assured, these additives are there for a reason.  All of these reasons will be explained.  The philosophy of our company is to educate, enlighten and finally to provide you with the best products for your specific needs.  Here are some of the ingredients we will spend some time talking about.  

Herbs and Spices







Can you get more natural than this?