Healthy Hair is my goal when I create products in our hair care line. I wanted to provide products that would repair, and maintain healthy hair. For that reason I looked to nature. I have added herbal infusions to my natural hair care products that provide benefits that cannot be matched.

With hair there is no one size fits all formula.  My hair care system was created to address different hair types.

Oily Hair

Over productive sebaceous glands are the culprits when it comes to oily hair.  We have sebaceous glands that secrete a substance called sebum with helps to lubricate our skin and scalp.  This natural oil, sebum, is essential for a well hydrated scalp with leads to healthy hair.  However, when the sebaceous gland produces more sebum that what is required to hydrate we tend to get limp and unruly hair.

It has been my experience that when oily hair presents itself the first thing a person does is reach for a deep cleansing shampoos that dries out the hair.  This is the absolute wrong thing to do.  These types of shampoos strip the scalp and hair of natural oils which is needed for healthy hair.  We have to remember the body is an awesome thing which self regulates.  This drying and stripping process sends a message to the body that more sebum is required; so in fact, this process has made the oily problem worse.

Kayorcee Creations formulated hair products to address oily hair. These products were created to promote healthy hair and clean scalp without stripping the natural oils.  I added citrus essential oils to these products because citrus helps to balance oils.  In addition to citrus essential oil, these products also have natural herbs, such as strawberry leaf, lemongrass, and white willow bar, which will promote the health of the hair and scalp.

Dry Hair

Dry is a result of an under productive sebaceous gland.  Because the gland is not producing enough sebum dry is will be brittle and dull and have a straw-like texture.  There are many reasons why hair becomes dry.  Some are attributed to genetics and others are attributed to you and how you care for your hare.  Genetics can’t be altered.  You have to deal with what you were given.  If your hair care and styling regime is causing dryness, you should immediately rectified and alter your hair care system.  Here are some very common problems that are attributed to dry hair:

  • Excessive washing
  • Chemical detergent-based cleansers
  • Alcohol-based styling products
  • Chemical over processing
  • Excessive heat application
  • Exposure to sun, wind and chemically treated pools
  • Poor Nutrition

Kayorcee Creations formulated hair products to address dry hair. Our shampoo bars are superfatted at a higher percentage than our other shampoo bars so that there will be extra unsapontified oils left on the hair and scalp that will help to hydrate and moisturize.  I have also added herbs, such as elederflower, flaxseed and comfrey root, to these products to increase moisture and hydration to dry scalp and hair.

Dandruff /Inflamed Scalp

Dandruff is somewhat of an anomaly.  There is no clear and well supported theory out there that addresses the issue of why dandruff occurs.  Nevertheless, it is very important that you do not confuse dry scalp with dandruff.  The two are simply not the same.  Dry scalp is a result of a lack of moisture.  This can result in itching and small dry powdery flakes which are mistaken as dandruff.  Using products that are meant to address the problem of dryness will eliminate these symptoms.  Using chemical products labeled as anti-dandruff and anti-flaking has been known to exacerbate the issue of itching and flaking due to the application of chemicals on top of an already inflamed scalp.

A normal scalp will sloth off old skin cell while making new skin cells to replace them.  This is a very normal process.  However, when a scalp has dandruff the dead cells start to shed at an excessive rate causing clumps which are large enough to be seen by the naked eye. Those are the embarrassing flakes that you want to avoid.  This is not dry scalp.  This is a form of seborrheic dermatitis.  People with oily scalp also suffer from this issue so we know that this issue is not an issue of simple dry scalp.  Dandruff is often times more present during the winter and milder during the summer.

No matter if you have dry scalp or dandruff due to seborrheic dermatitis it is very important that you use a very mild shampoo that will not exacerbate your scalp issue.  Detergent-based shampoos will clean the hair and scalp, but they well also cause more dryness.  This will only make the problem worse.

A Kayorcee Creations hair product that is formulated for dandruff/inflamed scalp was created to promote healthy hair and scalp.  Our products are intended for scalp health that will also cleanse and condition the hair.  I added herbs, such as birch bar, lavender and peppermint, to promote the health of the scalp which will alleviate issues cause by dandruff and inflamed scalp.