Natural SoapWhy should you choose to use natural soap?

Natural handcrafted soap is made the good old fashion way. There are no fillers or unnecessary chemicals. The benefits that you will receive from using natural handcrafted soap is unmatched. Personally I noticed the difference when I switched from commercial soap to natural handcrafted soap that my skin wasn’t dry after showering or bathing. There was not film left on my skin or on my shower walls. Natural handcrafted soap helps to retain moisture to the skin as well as many other benefits from the ingredients used to make the soap. At a hotel I was forced to used commercial soap. It was then, that I had proof that natural soap was the reason for my much improved skin.

My family, friends and customers have also seen benefits to their skin from using natural handcrafted soap. Customers have reported an improvement in eczema related irritations, reduced acne breakout and annoying blackheads. I have witnessed an amazing improvement in my daughter’s skin, which occasionally suffers from teenage acne.

Commercial soaps have some benefits that I cannot deny. They are readily available at just about any grocery store. The price of them are far cheaper than that of natural handcrafted soap. However, accessibly and price are a huge price to play for dry, irritated skin. The cost savings is eaten up by the over use of lotions and salves to restore moisture back to the skin. Itchy, irritated skin can be easily accessible with commercial soaps. The truth of the matter is commercial soaps are loaded with ingredients that take the soap from the distinction of soap to that of detergent similar to what we use to clean our clothes. Commercial soaps are loaded with preservatives, synthetic fillers, and a high percentage of fragrance to mask the chemical scent.

Natural handcrafted soaps are far gentler than commercial soaps on the market. They are also much more moisturizing, and if stored correctly, they last longer than the average commercial bar. In addition, Kayorcee Creations’ natural handcrafted soaps come in a variety of fruity, bakery, floral, fresh, oceanic and scents from all natural essential oils. They also come in a variety of forms from simple bars to cupcakes, cookies, and cake slices.

It is important to us that when you use our natural handcrafted soaps your experience will be second to none.  We use rich ingredients like Coconut oil, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter in every bar.  These ingredients promote cleansing, hydration and moisture. I am absolutely sure that once you try our natural handcrafted soaps you will be extremely please. I am so sure that I offer a money back guarantee on any of our natural handcrafted soaps.

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