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Kayorcee Creations Soap Shop provides Nature Soaps, the best lotions and creams, and skin treatment products for the best beauty care choices. Our Nature Soaps are handmade with the finest oils and herbal infusions. Our skin treatment products provide treatments that work. We produce the best lotions and creams for dry skin. Our creams and lotions are made with luxury oils to hydrate and moisturize without leaving a greasy residue. We believe that we have what you have been wanting and needing in your products that are safe and made with ingredients made in nature.

Premium Skin and Hair Care

Everyone wants youthful and radiant skin and hair. Some people are blessed with genes that keep their skin and hair inbalance for a lifetime. Nevertheless, blessings aren’t equally gifted. At Kayorcee Creations, we understand that fact. And, we have used that realization as a cornerstone for our business model. We have created formulas that address issues related to a variety of skin types. Our natural skin and hair care products help to beautify your skin and hair. We use natural ingredients sourced in the United States. We believe you are naturally beautiful. Kayorcee Creations products promote and enhance what has been gifted to you naturally.

Herbal Elements

Herbal Elements is Kayorcee Creations’ latest addition. We took our time to launch this exciting addition to our creations. First, we needed to understand herbal compositions and what they can do for the health of the body. Next, we needed to use that new-found knowledge to create products that would provide benefits to your health and happiness. Nature has provided elements we need to live happier, healthier and balanced lives. Why not use these elements to our advantage? Applying education to artisanship is how we approached this new addition to our creations. Kayorcee Creations makes no medical claims from the use of our products. Nevertheless, the natural effects of using our product can create wonderful benefits. Please visit our blog for more information.

Natural Home Solutions

COVID-19 has given the world a wake-up call. While being confined for our safety, we realized home is where the heart is. Spending time at home wasn’t a choice for a lot of us. However, being at home opened our eyes to where we are the safest. Keeping homes clean, fresh, and disinfected is more of a priority than ever. Kayorcee Creations is here to help. Our handcrafted cleaning supplies are made with natural ingredients that are free of chemicals and detergents. We created laundry products that are safe for all types of skin, including delicate baby skin. We also have scented products that will fill your home with delightful aromas. Our candles and wax melts are triple-loaded with fragrance allowing for a powerful and long-lasting scent throw from natural soy wax.

Home Decor (+)

Home Decor (+) is where you can find beautiful items for your home and personal use, such as personalized trays, picture frames, jewelry, handbags, coasters, wall art, and so much more. I am an avid woodworking enthusiast; I love making furniture and upcycling old pieces. I also like working with leather. Leatherworking is a skill that I had wanted to learn for a very long time. I am a self-taught leatherworker, and I am enjoying the journey.


I want to introduce Kcollegen-X. I am very excited about our new skincare line that caters to African-American Generation Xers. Our product formulas are steeped in dermatological studies and clinical trials focusing on melanocytes, melanin, hyperpigmentation, and skin irritation associated with dark skin. In addition to delivering products formulated for black and brown skin, we pay special attention to skin issues experienced by Gen-X’ers. Gen-X’ers are in the thick of skin changes due to aging. Kcollegen-X exists to provide skincare products for Gen-X’ers of color using academic and clinal research.

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What Kayorcee Creations Offers

Kayorcee Creations offers products that are healthy and safe for the environment and all skin types young and old.  Our products are handmade.  We will not sell any products that we would not let our closest friends and family members use.  It is our goal to provide you with a natural alternative to products littering the market with harmful chemicals that negatively impact the environment or cause damage to skin and hair cells.

Why Choose Natural Products

I often wonder why we have moved so far from nature and the benefits it has for our lives.  It is so simple that it has become complicated.  Take water for instance.  I have never heard of anyone having any severe side effects from drinking water, but we try to improve on what is already good and we make it into something nature did not intend.  The same is true for how we treat our skin, hair and environment.  Nature has provided everything we need to have radiant, glowing skin, and luxurious locks.  Yes, it might cost just a little bit more on the front end, but when you really think about it in a more holistic way, you will save so much more money sticking with natural products that those that have been chemically manipulated to present you with the savings you think you might be getting.   Read more