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Natural Flu Fighter

Elderberry a Natural Flu Fighter I have a question for you.  If you could provide your family with a natural alternative to help keep you and them healthy throughout the Influenza season, would you want to hear more?  If you should contract the virus, this remedy could significantly lessen the healing time from 5 days […]

Coffee Benefits for Great Skin Care

Coffee to Wake Up Your Skin If you are anything like me, you are in LOVE with coffee.  Coffee is the main staple of my day.  I drink it ritually every morning.   I also use it to give my skin an extra health kick.  Yes, I did say I use it on my skin. Caffeine […]

Know How To Handle Your Hair Type

Healthy Hair is my goal when I create products in my hair care line. I wanted to provide products that would repair, and maintain healthy hair. For that reason I looked to nature. I have added herbal infusions to our natural hair care products that provide benefits that cannot be matched. With hair there is no one size fits all formula.  My hair care system was […]

Benefits of Shea Butter

Sometimes when I am strolling through the store, I get so excited when I see a product that prominently displays Shea Butter as one of its ingredients.  Why such excitement?  Because Shea Butter is the TRUTH for health skin.  I say this because I know what it can do.  But there are some people, and […]

Creating a Skin Care Regimen using Natural Products

How do you get great skin or maintain the great skin you were born with? This question can sometimes feel like you are asking someone where to find the Holy Grail.   People who actually talk about their skin usually start the conversation pointing out areas where they have problems.  Some people go for years […]

Milk Does a Body… And Your Skin … Good

Milk is simply amazing.  As children we were always told by adults to drink our milk so that we could have healthy teeth and bones.  However, no one ever tells children to bathe in milk or to slather it all over their faces.  LOL…  Well, I ask the question, WHY NOT?  Milk is fantastic for […]

Choosing a Candle: Soy vs Paraffin Wax

Everyone loves a nice, long lasting, fragrance permeating throughout his or her environment.  With so many candle choices on the market and so many fragrances to choose from, you can get really confused on what you are getting.  There are so many factors to consider. Fragrance Scent choice is probably the most important and considered information when […]

Kayorcee Creations and Our Natural Philosophy

Kayorcee Creations was created out of sheer necessity.  About 10 years ago, due to an illness, I started thinking about the things in my environment as they personally related to me and my family.  I specifically mention the pure selfishness of this thought process, because it’s true.  I was not an eco-friendly world citizen.  Recycle?  That word […]