Benefits of Shea Butter

Sometimes when I am strolling through the store, I get so excited when I see a product that prominently displays Shea Butter as one of its ingredients.  Why such excitement?  Because Shea Butter is the TRUTH for health skin.  I say this because I know what it can do.  But there are some people, and you might be one of those people (no shame), who pick up a product with Shea Butter in it because they HEARD  it was a great ingredient, but do they really know how great it is.  I’m not sure, so I decided to share with you why I think it  is great.

Shea Butter is a Full Body Ingredient

This emollient can be used on every portion of your body and can be incorporated in so many products.

Skin Benefits

Where do I start?  I’ll just give you a list of its amazing benefits.

  • Wrinkles, fine lines and scars repairing
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Stimulating for the superficial microcirculation
  • Skin strengthening
  • Skin protecting
  • UV protecting
  • Skin regenerating
  • Collagen production stimulating (makes the skin stronger, more supple and younger)
  • Minor cuts and burns healing
  • Muscle ache healing
  • Physical endurance enhancer

Hair Benefits

Some people buy a chunk of shea butter lob off a piece and apply it to their hair.  This is a great use of Shea Butter IF you do some other things to your hair first.

Shea butter is NOT a conditioner.  Shea Butter is a moisture sealant.  It should not be used alone or on dry hair.  Shea butter used incorrectly on the hair can make the hair brittle and break.  A definite NO NO!!!!!  Moisture is required with the use of Shea butter.  The butter will lock in the moisture and help protect the hair.

Shea butter comes in different grades, that is why you will see this ingredient’s price vary from one seller to the next.  Try to get the highest quality you can afford for the greatest benefit.

If you can, get your shea butter with a mixture of ingredients that will benefit your hair.  Other oils like, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Grapeseed and Coconut are excellent to mix with Shea butter.


Kayorcee Creations Shea Butter options.



At Kayorcee Creations All of our bar soaps are made with Shea Butter.  The bars are superfatted with Shea butter so that you will get the ultimate skin benefit as you cleanse your face and body.


Skin Care

Kayorcee Creations carries a Shea Butter Body Souffle that is a mixture of oils that will hydrate, nourish and repair the skin.  It is a non greasy formula that will leave your skin soft and supple.


Hair Care

Kayorcee has also created a Shea Butter Hair Souffle with moisturizing oils and herbs to promote growth, strength and hydration.



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