Kayorcee Creations Natural Handcrafted Soaps and their ingredients

Natural soap is a treat for the skin that can only truly be appreciated upon use, touch and smell.  There are so may factors that go into the making of a natural bar of soap.  The crafts person should have a particular goal for creating the soap with the ingredients used.  I have tried many different recipes for my soaps for many different reasons and result producing treatments for the skin.  However, I have created a basic recipe that all of my soaps start with.  I have chosen these ingredients for the benefits they impart to the soap as well as to your skin.


Coconut oil

This oil is very beneficial in making soap.  It is the back bone in the cleansing department.  It will provide the clean feeling that you want from a bar of soap.  In addition, it also help to create lather.  Everyone like lots of bubbles in their soap.  A low lathering soap is a real disappointment to most people.  With the right amount of coconut oil lather will be up front and center.  Finally, coconut oils make for a hard bar of soap.  Although this isn’t as beneficial to the skin, it is definitely beneficial to the wallet.  A hard bar of soap will last longer and provide for more number of baths and showers before reinvesting.

Olive Oil

This oil is one of the most common oils used in soap making.  Castile soap is make completely of olive oil and is a great soap.  There are many qualities to Olive oil that I like for my soaps.  Olive oil I thought to help with skin cell regeneration.  It is also acts like a humectant by drawing moisture from the air to the skin.  It also act as a sealant for the skin by holding in the moisture with out clogging the skin’s pores.  Olive oil also help to produce a conditioning stable later.  Lastly, Olive oil is mild and very good for sensitive skin.

Palm Oil

This oil is yet another ingredient that contributes to the hardness and lathering ability of the soap.  In addition, palm oil is a natural anti-oxidant which is incredibly beneficial to skin health.

Castor Oil

This oil act as a humectant by drawing moisture from the air and in to the skin.  Castor oil is easily absorbed in to the skin which softens and conditions the skin layers .

These four ingredients are the base for each of our soaps.  Of course we put some extra love into each bar to make sure it is Kayorcee Creation ready for the people we care most about, our customers, family and friends.

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