Milk Does a Body… And Your Skin … Good

Milk is simply amazing.  As children we were always told by adults to drink our milk so that we could have healthy teeth and bones.  However, no one ever tells children to bathe in milk or to slather it all over their faces.  LOL…  Well, I ask the question, WHY NOT?  Milk is fantastic for the skin.

Why is milk good for the skin?

Milk helps to moisturize your skin.  The fat and protein found in whole milk helps to hydrate the skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture.  Can you use skim milk for this process?  Well you can use whatever you like, but you won’t get the same benefits that you would from whole milk.  It’s the fat in the milk that counts.  Skim or even low percentage fat milk just won’t cut it for the type of benefits you are looking for.

Another benefit of using milk is exfoliation.  This results from taking a bath in milk.  YES!  I said take a bath in it.  Milk baths has been in skin regiments of the elite for years and years.  Cleopatra would travel with live stock so that she could have her milk baths on a regular basis.  Milk baths help to produce radiant youthful skin.  How does this work?  Milk has lactic acid in it.   When you soak in milk the lactic acid works like a glue remover.  It breaks down the bonds that adhere old skin to new skin.  Soaking in milk for 10 to 15 mins allow that adhesion to loosen up so that the old skin can be easily removed with a wipe of a wash cloth.  NO scrubbing or polishing of the skin needed.  Milk is just that good.  When you get out of your bath, you will have new skin as if you were just reborn.  How exciting!

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