Natural Soy CandlesOur candles are made with all natural soy wax which is very good for your home’s environment.  Natural soy candles burn clean with no soot in the air.  The scent throw from this type of wax is unmatched.  Our candles are triple fragrance for a wonderful bloom of scent that lasts an extended period of time.  We carry a variety of scents that will satisfy just about everyone’s fragrance preferences.



Country Candles

Kayorcee Creations Soy Wax Country Candles are simple and wonderful.  They hold approximately 8 ounces of wax that carry maximum fragrance.  The burn time on these candles far exceeds 24 hours.  These candles come uncolored; however, some fragrances will have a mild yellowing effect on the wax.

Soy Wax Tarts

Our natural soy wax tarts are meant to be used with a wax warmer.  Kayorcee Creations carries a dual purpose wax and candle warm that comes in a variety of colors.  These warms are electric and wont require replacement bulbs.  the scent throw from these warmers are amazing.  In addition, to the quality of scent through they are safer that an open flame.

Our soy wax tarts come in two varieties, but they produce the same wonderful scent.  You can purchase your tarts in a clam shell cases or in the form of miniature cupcakes for our bakery scents.

Dessert Candles

If you like bakery scents, you will love our desert candles.  These candles are made with our all natural soy wax and a combination or paraffin wax which represents the fruit, nut and candy embeds.  They look and smell just like the real thing, but be careful not to let your eyes get carried away.  They are not edible.

Home Fragrance Oils

Our home fragrance oils can also be used in our dual purpose wax and candle warmer.  With this product, a little goes a long way.  Place a few drops from our dropper dispensing bottle into a tablespoon of water in the warming bowl, place on the warmer plate and let the scent fill the room.  Our home fragrance oils come in all fragrances including our bakery scents.

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