Choosing a Candle: Soy vs Paraffin Wax

Everyone loves a nice, long lasting, fragrance permeating throughout his or her environment.  With so many candle choices on the market and so many fragrances to choose from, you can get really confused on what you are getting.  There are so many factors to consider.


Scent choice is probably the most important and considered information when selecting a candle.  Watching a customer pick up a candle and lifted it to their nose and taking a deep breath is, for me, the most entertaining while watching a customer shop.  Their expression on their faces tells so much.  It ranges for delight to disgust, but when they find the scent of choice for them the consideration on the purchase is done.  However, there is still more information to be gathered that the customer has over looked.

Cold Throw -vs- Hot Throw

When the customer takes the first whiff of the candle what they are experiencing is what candlers call the cold throw.  A cold throw is the scent that the customer is getting when the candle is not lit.  This scent should indicate to the customer what they could expect when the candle is lit.  The strength of the cold throw is on one hand important, but on the other hand it shouldn’t be the only thing considered.  With a Kayorcee Creation Natural Soy Candle, there is a very nice cold throw but it isn’t one that is deceptive.  When I say deceptive, I mean that the flash of fragrance from the cold throw isn’t the strongest scent from our candle.  The scent in a Kayorcee Creation Natural Soy Candle is bonded with the soy wax prior to it being poured into its container.  That means that the scent is fully incorporated and when the candle is burned the melted wax will release even more scent.  This is called the hot throw.  I believe that a candle should release scent from the first burn until the last burn.  This can only happen if the scent has been properly bonded with the wax.  So, I say all of that to say this, there is a tie when it comes to Cold Throw -vs- Hot Throw.  Both need to be present for the life of the candle.

Candle Waxes

Candle waxes are being more and more considered by the consumer.  As the consumer becomes more educated on what their products are made of and from, candle makers have to be more conscious on why they have chosen to use the particular wax that they have chosen.  Kayorcee Creations have done just that when I choose to only use natural soy wax in our candle products.  There are definite benefits to using soy wax, but I would be remised if I were to overlook some of the down sides to using exclusively natural soy  wax.  In order to see both sides of the issue lets look at the most popular wax in candle making first.

Paraffin Wax



Paraffin wax is certainly one of he most popularly used waxes on the market.  It is made from a petroleum-based product derived from crude oil during the refinement stages of making gasoline.  There are two types of Paraffin wax used: Low melting and High melting.  Low melting paraffin wax will melt at a temperature lower than 130 degrees F.  This wax is soft and is used in making container candles and tea lights.  High melting paraffin wax melts at a temperature over 130 degrees F.  This type of wax is harder and is used for non-container candles.  One of the upsides of using Paraffin wax is that when it cools it presents very nice in appearance.  There is no frosting on the candle that sometimes results for natural waxes.

Soy Wax


Soy Wax is a vegetable wax that is made from the oil of soybeans.  One of the benefits of soy wax is that it is completely renewable.  Unlike Paraffin wax, which is derived from oil, that has a reserve cap on it.  When we have exhausted is origin it is gone.  Soy wax is sustainable because its availability depends completely on how much we grow, and we can keep growing it indefinitely. In addition, to the wonderful properties of its sustainability, a well made soy candle will burn cleanly and slowly.  Who doesn’t like that?  No dirty emission in your atmosphere and you get the most for you money.  These are the very reasons whey I have choose to exclusively use natural wax for all of Kayorcee Creations Candles and soy wax melts.  Soy wax is eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral.  In addition, I only buy soy wax that is American grown.  The down side to the wax that I choose to work with is that, unlike Paraffin wax, it does have some frosting that appears on the candle.  However, the scent throw, both cold and hot, is amazing.  I figure a little frosting is the price for an amazingly fragrant and natural candle.

Who Wins? Paraffin -vs- Soy

Kayorcee Creations will provide you the finest quality natural soy wax candle should you chose to align with soy.  However, if you choose to align with Paraffin, I’m sure you will have no problems finding a beautiful candle of your chosen.  As with everything, the choice is yours.