Natural Additives for Natural Products

Have you ever picked up one of your products and read the list of ingredients?  This one exercise can be one of enlightenment and, in some cases, one of confusion.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will try to address ingredients you might find in your natural products.  It will be impossible for me to address all the ingredients in commercial products that aren’t carrying the banner of being natural to stay away from those items.

Natural additives are the cornerstone of Kayorcee Creations’ natural products.  Kayorcee Creations uses natural additives and just about all of our products, including Soaps, Bath Products, Haircare Products, Herbal Elements, and Personal Body Products.  Be assured; these additives are included in our formulations for an intended reason.  Our company’s philosophy is to educate, enlighten, and finally, provide natural products for your specific needs.  The items below are some natural additives we depend on in creating products.

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Kayorcee Creations Natural Handcrafted Soaps and their ingredients

Natural soap is a treat for the skin that can only truly be appreciated upon use, touch and smell.  There are so may factors that go into the making of a natural bar of soap.  The crafts person should have a particular goal for creating the soap with the ingredients used.  I have tried many different recipes for my soaps for many different reasons and result producing treatments for the skin.  However, I have created a basic recipe that all of my soaps start with.  I have chosen these ingredients for the benefits they impart to the soap as well as to your skin.


Coconut oil

This oil is very beneficial in making soap.  It is the back bone in the cleansing department.  It will provide the clean feeling that you want from a bar of soap.  In addition, it also help to create lather.  Everyone like lots of bubbles in their soap.  A low lathering soap is a real disappointment to most people.  With the right amount of coconut oil lather will be up front and center.  Finally, coconut oils make for a hard bar of soap.  Although this isn’t as beneficial to the skin, it is definitely beneficial to the wallet.  A hard bar of soap will last longer and provide for more number of baths and showers before reinvesting.

Olive Oil

This oil is one of the most common oils used in soap making.  Castile soap is make completely of olive oil and is a great soap.  There are many qualities to Olive oil that I like for my soaps.  Olive oil I thought to help with skin cell regeneration.  It is also acts like a humectant by drawing moisture from the air to the skin.  It also act as a sealant for the skin by holding in the moisture with out clogging the skin’s pores.  Olive oil also help to produce a conditioning stable later.  Lastly, Olive oil is mild and very good for sensitive skin.

Palm Oil

This oil is yet another ingredient that contributes to the hardness and lathering ability of the soap.  In addition, palm oil is a natural anti-oxidant which is incredibly beneficial to skin health.

Castor Oil

This oil act as a humectant by drawing moisture from the air and in to the skin.  Castor oil is easily absorbed in to the skin which softens and conditions the skin layers .

These four ingredients are the base for each of our soaps.  Of course we put some extra love into each bar to make sure it is Kayorcee Creation ready for the people we care most about, our customers, family and friends.

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Kayorcee Creations and Our Natural Philosophy

Kayorcee Creations was created out of sheer necessity.  About 10 years ago, due to an illness, I started thinking about the things in my environment as they personally related to me and my family.  I specifically mention the pure selfishness of this thought process, because it’s true.  I was not an eco-friendly world citizen.  Recycle?  That word had no meaning to me at the time.  Chemical free products?  I waved that off with a flip of my wrist indicating my thought process on the subject was done.  Yes, I was indeed flippant with regard to the subject of natural living.  However, as I mentioned, when I became ill with a respiratory infection from over-cleaning my house, my whole outlook on the issue changed drastically.

I am not a middle of the road type of person.  I have nothing against this type of living, but I know I don’t fall into this category.  If I am going to do something, I am going to do it big, or at least I will try.  I made the decision that my house was going to be a chemical free zone.   Well… as much as I could make it chemical free.  I immediately threw away all of my cleaning products and embraced a more natural way of cleaning my home.  Vinegar was a miracle worker.  It didn’t smell as good as my other products, but that was the cost of my new life change.  Once I had a nice grasp on how to clean my home without chemicals, I started thinking about how my family and I were cleaning our bodies.

Growing up, as well as in my adult life, I had suffered with skin irritations, dryness and those pesky facial blackheads and blemishes.  I never had a full blown skin diagnosis, but it was still a problem for me.  As I watched my children grown, I noticed that they too had these issues with their skin.  My son’s skin, which is a nice milk chocolate brown, was often a gray color due to the amount of ash on just about his entire body.  Lotion was just a temporary fix that typically didn’t last more than 2 or 3 hours.  My next recourse was to slather petroleum jelly on his body.  He hated that, but that was what I knew to do at the time.  My daughter’s and my husband’s skin was not that much better than my son’s skin.  In retrospect, I feel foolish for not recognizing the problem that we were all suffering from.  But we are past that now, due to my new found relationship with the natural.

As I stated earlier, I am not a middle of the road type of person and my entry into the natural beauty realm is event of this.  I knew we had to get rid of the things that we were using to clean our bodies, but I knew if I threw out all of our hygiene products my family would revolt against me.  This time I had to take things a little bit slower.  I started making all of our products a little at a time.  All of us started seeing results almost instantly.  Our skin wasn’t nearly as dry and the use of lotion, although very much present from simple habit, was scaled down dramatically.  I no longer worried about my son being teased during gym class because of his chalky white legs.  I was getting so many complements on my skin that I start giving the stuff away to my friends and family.  Then they started making requests and offering me money for what I thought had no value except to my family and I.

Being in the natural beauty business has been so  much fun and rewarding.  I love seeing the changes in my customers skin after they try their first bottle of natural lotion or first bar of handcrafted soap.  I have embraced my business, but to be honest it is hard to look at Kayorcee Creations as simply a business because I am having the time of my life.

Kayorcee Creation’s motto is “Naturally Beautiful”.  I choose this motto because I have never felt more beautiful in my life, and I know it is thanks to natural products.